Top 10 Largest Lamps in the World by Categories

Lamps are a necessity in today’s lifestyle. They are found in every home and they serve multiple purposes. From lighting up the room to helping us locate a coin under a bed, everything is done with their guidance. However, there are lamps and there are “lamps”, some of which are truly special. You’ll be happy to know that we have compiled a collection of 10 LARGEST lamps in the world, by categories – exclusively for you. From Great Beginnings to Guinness Records, to Green Energy, you’ll be amazed by what we humans are able to create. All you need is a creative mind and attention to detail, and the result will be something that will amaze you and the entire world. Make sure to continue reading if you want to find out more about these amazing lamps.

Category 1 – Great Beginnings

Luxo Jr. – The most endearing mascot for Pixar. Do you remember the two adorable lamps from Pixar’s classic flick, Luxo Jr. – the small one and the big one that appear with the Pixar logo? Every single time you watch those two lamps ebulliently playing with that ball, it takes you to an entirely different world. From kids to grandparents, who doesn’t like that clip? The Luxo Jr. was the first animated short film created by Pixar Studios in 1968. It was this unique concept behind this short flick and the fabulous CGI graphics, for which Pixar received an Academy Award nomination for the ‘Best Animated Short Film’ category. After the great success of this clip, Luxo Jr. (the smaller desk lamp shown in the film) serves as the mascot for the animation house, and has also appeared in many other variations such the famous Toy Story series and the Tin Toy.

10 Largest Lamps - Great Beginings

Category 2 – Read To Me Mommy

The GIANT table lamp. Lilla Torg Square was established in the 16th century. It was built mainly as a commercial area for the various market traders. In the present era, it has gained worldwide popularity due to the unconventional, beautiful giant lamp placed there. This table lamp is considered to be one of the most famous tourist attractions of Malmö, Sweden. Throughout the year, hundreds of thousands of visitors from all around the globe gather at this Swedish city to witness this amazing artwork. This giant lamp is placed at different squares of the Malmö at different times of the year. However, it is a tradition to shift it back to Lilla Torg just before Christmas. The lamp was first installed in 2006, and within a significantly short period, it became one of the favourite destinations for both locals and tourists. It is 5.8 meters high and is designed in such a way that its foot serves as a bench, where people can sit and relax under the tranquil glow of this strikingly beautiful piece of art.

10 Largest Lamps - Lilla Torg Square

Category 3 – Red Dwarfs

The Geleucht – Miner’s Lamp. At the time, the miner’s lamp was a sign of progress, it served as the main warning light: if for example, there was an increase in the size of the flame, a danger from flammable gases or if the lights went out, oxygen was scarce. Miner’s lamps have existed since 1830, however, none of them quite measures up to this one. The illuminated mining lamp Geleucht on the Halde Rheinpreußen in the north of Moers, Germany is the largest miner’s lamp in the world. Created by Otto Piene as a monument to the famed defunct, but distinguished mining industry that existed within the Ruhr Area, it measures 30 meters in height and weighs a whopping 90 tons. In the evenings, when the lamp is lit up, it covers over 8,000 square meters in red light. Needless to state, this is a real sight to behold. It therefore, comes as no surprise that most tourists to the Ruhr Area specifically come to view this amazing artificial phenomenon.

10 Largest Lamps - Miner's Lamp

Category 4 – Magic Lamps

Aladdin’s Lamp. Most people know the fairy tale where Aladdin was granted his wishes thanks to the lamp. You could take Aladdin’s place by checking out this real-life Aladdin’s Lamp at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas. This huge lamp that is lit-up to showcase itself at night, draws-in many tourists as it encourages them to make a secret wish, hoping it may actually come true in time. After all, this lamp really did work wonders for some. For instance, back in 1981, the band Iron Maiden played their first concert at the Aladdin Casino Resort. Many couples also take photos with this lamp as a backdrop to inspire their future together just like Aladdin and Jasmine did in their fairy tale. Nowadays, Aladdin’s Lamp is at the Neon Museum, and it is still considered as one of the main attractions in Las Vegas.

10 Largest Lamps - Aladdin's Lamp

Category 5 – Guinness Records

Timisoara – The City of Records. Timisoara is a city located in Romania, a country which is best known to foreigners for being the home of Dracula. However, it is one of the geographical regions which can stand on its own in terms of performances. Although many of you might not be aware of this fact, Timisoara was actually the first city in Europe featuring electric- lit streets. That happened more than 125 years ago – on 12 November 1884. Now, you might be wondering what the photo below represents. Well, this photo showcases a more recent performance of this city. The photo displays the largest lantern in the world, standing 4 meters tall and weighing in at more than 1.2 tons. It was constructed by the Academic Cultural Foundation, Elba Timisoara in 2009, and certified by Guinness World Records during the same year – 19 November 2009 to be precise. Timisoara is regularly innovative in terms of electric outdoor lighting, striving to deliver its citizens with innovative and economical lighting solutions.

10 Largest Lamps - Guinness Records

Category 6 – Green Energy

The Giant Bulb. Sources of energy have come a long way. Today’s sources of energy are quite vast and all of them have their own effects on our planet. In the past, cow dung has been mainly used as fertilizer, but due to today’s advancements, radical approaches and ambitious experiments, cow dung is now collected and used in the production of biogas, which is highly rich in methane. At the University of Vermont and the Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, researchers estimate that if the 95 million animal units in the United States could be converted into manure, then it would yield renewable energy equal to 8 million gallons of gasoline or cater to 1% of the country’s total energy consumption. The International Energy Agency claims that bio energy, which is biogas and biomass, has the potential or ability of meeting more than a quarter of the world’s demand for transportation fuels by the year 2050.

10 Largest Lamps - Green Energy

Category 7 – Never Ending Story

The Longest Snake in the world. Being known as the most important holiday in China, since it heralds spring, the Chinese New Year is a joyful event for the population. According to local legend, Buddha convened all animals in the kingdom in order to restore peace in the world. However, only 12 of all the animals showed up to the meeting. Thus, these 12 animals were praised by Buddha and the Chinese people, who made them part of the Chinese zodiac cycle. In this cycle, each animal represents a year, with the cycle being restarted every 12 years. The order of the 12 Chinese signs was based on the order in which the animals arrived at the meeting. Therefore, the first animal in the cycle is the rat, followed closely by the ox. The tiger comes next, then the rabbit, then the dragon, then the snake, then the horse, then the sheep, then the monkey, then the rooster, the dog, and finally the pig. Chinese New Year began on January 31, 2014. This year’s animal sign is Horse, but last year was known as the year of the snake.

10 Largest Lamps - Year of Snake

Category 8 – Enlightened Mind

Life-size Human Lamp – The power of imagination. During the early 1920s, a small group of people, consisting of mostly writers and artists, started the famous ‘Surrealist movement’ in Paris. The main idea behind this unusual art movement was to find new ways to materialise one’s imagination into real objects. Several art pieces were influenced by this creative effort. The life-size human lamp is one such unique artwork by Bizzotto that features this particular element of surprise. The human-like dramatic shape of this lamp is clearly a remarkable deviation from the traditional designs that you usually see. While some people may consider it as a trivial form of art, on the other hand, some firmly believe that it is a symbol of an enlightened mind.

10 Largest Lamps - Enlightened Mind

Category 9  – Ice Lolly

Chandelier in the Form of a Penis. The art of creating chandeliers and mosaics dates back many centuries ago. However, Hans van Bentem, a Dutch artist renowned for his artistic spirit, gave this mosaic art a whole new meaning. By shaping his chandeliers in a unique way, adding a new twist via photo-realistic mosaics, the Dutch artist managed to impress an entire world with his creations. All of his artworks are hand-made, unique and have been displayed across Europe over the years. In the picture below you can admire one of his more non-conformist creations: a chandelier in the form of a penis. This artwork was created back in 2002, and received a lot of appreciation from the critics.

10 Largest Lamps - Ice Lolly

Category 10 – Unidentified Falling Object

The Alien Lamp. It is an example of Büro für Form’s modern artwork. This lamp is designed is such a way that the shape reminds you of a strange unidentified falling object. It seems as if a strange creature is sliding down a rope, gently and almost weightlessly, radiating a warm and graceful light. This particular lamp is available in two different sizes. Also you can find four variations of this art piece. Whether, you prefer the hanging alien lamp or the one with a stand, there is absolutely no denying the fact that this graceful design adds an interesting dimension to interiors.

10 Largest Lamps - Unidentified Falling Object

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