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Illuminate the full potential of your home with our Italian lighting collections of high-quality designer lighting.

Be inspired every time you enter a room. Delight in the ambience you’ve created – warm, enticing, perfect for you.

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Great Design Is Timeless


Great design is timeless. Its impact can be felt long after it was first revealed to the world. Tapping into pioneering designs and updating them with modern touches can breathe life back into a bygone era.

The Mongolfier lighting range. With three colour options available: copper, black and black nickel, as well as three different sizes to choose from: Ø 260, Ø 400 and Ø 571 , you can create an unforgettable lighting environment for you.

Transform Your Space With Our Italian Designer Lighting

From elegant, energy-efficient Italian lights for ceilings, to enchanting sphere lights on MTV series and the newest innovations in LED designer lighting, we are proud to provide solutions to brighten up every space in your home. Shop our Italian lighting collections for the perfect style to complement your home and create an ambience you'll truly adore.

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