8 Italian Wire Lighting Systems To Suit Most Interior Design Styles

Ulta-modern, stylish and adaptable, wire lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, from sleek, minimal installations to grand, decorative fixtures. And when it comes to your home, choosing the right wire lighting system is crucial for emphasising not only your signature style, but also the mood and ambience of your daily life.

Although approaching interior design can seem daunting, focussing on high quality products and fixtures is the best way to express your personal flair and craft a home that is luxurious, impressive and most importantly, a comfortable and peaceful space.

But how do you select wire lighting for your home or business?

How do you make sure that your wire lighting systems complement your interior design?

We’re here to help you choose the right lighting to act as a unique, artistic companion to your home space. At Modelight, our values centre around luxury and style, and our vast range of Italian wire lighting systems ensure that the perfect design and illumination is available for creating your dream home or office. We boast a myriad of gorgeous Italian wire lighting systems, so here are eight versatile wire lighting systems to suit most interior design styles.

1. Sleek And Efficient With Circular-C LED

Delicately designed, the Circular-C LED is a singe wire, mono system light that is simple and sophisticated. If the idea of over-the-top, decorative lighting makes you shudder, then this wire lighting is perfect for creating ambience and a minimal, classic aesthetic while functioning to bring cooling, high quality lighting to any space. From walk-in wardrobes to bedrooms and hallways, the Circular-C LED can adapt to its environment, whether on its own, balancing solo spotlights or supporting slender strip lights. This is a powerful installation and a confident lighting solution to minimalism and feng shui.

Wire Lighting System Circular C LED - 8 Versatile Wire Lighting - Modelight Blog

2. Industrial Style With Oh!-C LED

Do you admire the rough and ready interior design styles of Brooklyn, New York or the industrial meets traditional homes of celebrities like Diane Keaton? Conjuring the edgy charm of warehouses and tough, robust industrial styles, Oh!-C LED offers ideal wire lighting solutions for interior design that focuses on the raw, honest and authentic. Oh!-C LED acts as a lighting installation with a central tension wire and several lights designed to look like bare light bulbs. Offering a dazzling, bright shine that spreads rays evenly across one area, this wire lighting system could be a gorgeous, simple industrial feature in your home, or be used to complement other elements of this design style, like bare brick walls and ceiling pipework.

Wire Lighting System OH! C LED - 8 Versatile Wire Lighting - Modelight Blog

3. In The Spotlight With Andromeda-C 1

If you’re a fan of theatrics and you enjoy showing off stunning pieces in your home, then the Andromeda-C 1 will fulfil your dreams of being in the spotlight. A versatile installation, Andromeda-C 1 sheds glorious rays in concentrated areas, while still making sure the light beams are bright but smooth. Illuminate a collection of paintings or install this wire lighting above your dining table to add drama to dinner parties. Petite and simple in design, Andromeda-C 1 creates a spectacle of your home.

Wire Lighting System Andromeda C - 8 Versatile Wire Lighting - Modelight Blog

4. Asymmetrical Allure With Halley-C15-2

Does your home include quirky, offbeat features? Do you prefer subtle but inventive fixtures instead of classic ones? Halley-C15-2 could be the wire lighting system for you interior design needs. Asymmetrical cones hang from two parallel cables, making for some unusual but amazing lighting effects. Halley-C15-2 will create harmony to your space and tie together elements of your home without drawing too much attention. If you place value on original, individual design Halley-C15-2 will create carefully crafted lighting that is simultaneously demure and daring.

Wire Lighting System Halley C15 - 8 Versatile Wire Lighting - Modelight Blog

5. Spherical Charm With Oh! C30 380

Whether your interior design focuses on curves and bold spherical shapes and you’re looking for wire lighting to mimic this style, or your home boasts clean-cut edges and symmetrical furnishings and you want lighting that offers a contrast, Oh! C30 380 was born for the job. Reflecting the ethereal, stunning glow of the moon, Oh! C30 380 creates subtle radiance and the magical atmosphere of evening time. Brighten your mind when working late in your home office, or create an enchanting ambiance while you read your children fairy tales at bedtime.

Wire Lighting System OH! C 380 - 8 Versatile Wire Lighting - Modelight Blog

6. Elongated Elegance With Baton

If you’re looking for your wire lighting to fulfil two criteria: as an art installation and as a lighting solution, then Baton is the perfect choice. Complementing interior design that places emphasis on elegance and sophistication, Baton suspends its lights on cables, grouped together to create the impression of falling snow. Dramatic and classy, this stunning wire lighting system provokes awe and grandeur, an obvious companion to other features of your home, including sculptures, paintings, antiques and even as a piece of lighting art in your bathroom.

Wire Lighting System Baton LED - 8 Versatile Wire Lighting - Modelight Blog

7. Geometric Grandeur With Trix-C30-1 LED

Suspended from wall to wall with parallel cables, Trix-C30-1 LED smoothly glides light above your space, with perfect square fixtures to illuminate particular areas, from ceiling art and ornaments to paintings and furniture. Yielding brilliant white light, this wire lighting creates geometric grandeur offering clean edges of light best suited to large rooms. Do you have an ample drawing room or area where you keep musical instruments or artwork? Trix-C30-1 LED will focus beams across the room effortlessly, while offering a unique, symmetrical lighting design.

Wire Lighting System Trix C LED - 8 Versatile Wire Lighting - Modelight Blog

8. Rotational Rays With Self C15 RJ LED

Versatile and adaptable, Self C15 RJ LED is a compact wire lighting option with rotational rays. This bold, high wire double act offers a unique fixture while giving you the power over how to craft your lighting effects. Since there are endless possibilities with this stoic creation, Self C15 RJ LED suits most interior design styles, giving you the option for directional lighting in any space. With splashes of warm light that direct beams where you see fit, this is the wire lighting system for homes that want both comfortable ambience and complete control over their indoor rays.

Wire Lighting System Self C15 LED - 8 Versatile Wire Lighting - Modelight Blog

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