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Like any other city you will know just how unique Dundee is, with its own characteristics and local characters where the old and the new rub shoulders. Look around and appreciate its architecture, spanning eons and ages. Take time to look up and not always down or straight ahead. Look at the juxtaposition of the styles of shopping from personalised single owner shops, unique shops where personal customer service is everything, to the ubiquitous mass market retail outlets. Look at your city’s bustle and its beauty, the quiet and quixotic. So few of us when we live in a city actually take time to get to know it; visitors and tourists often know more than residents do. Let Modelight help you shed some light.

Delighting Dundee With Italian Designs – Dundee Lighting

Indeed, welcome to Modelight, a modern, innovative, quality designer lighting shop offering chic and stylish Italian designer lights from the design houses of Italy. Just like our range of amazing designs, for indoors and outdoors, we too are making a strong impression as a growing, dynamic designer LED lighting shop, based in the UK, not too far from Dundee but delivering UK-wide.

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We are passionate about bringing style and splendour, practicality and quality to the world of home and business lighting by providing customers in Dundee lighting, especially Italian designer lights for home and garden, business and pleasure, amazing wall lights and ceiling lights, creative floor lights and table lamps, stunning pendant lighting and sphere lighting, innovative single and double wire lighting systems. Wherever you live, browse our lighting shop and you are bound to find something to satisfy your own unique requirements.

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Firing Imagination, Bringing Your Ideas To Light – Dundee Lighting

We are an on-line based lighting shop supplying exquisite, exclusive, Italian designer lights ideal for homes and businesses in your beautiful city and throughout the UK. We never stand still and are always on the move, researching and regularly adding to our ranges with the latest in talented design products offering ecological benefits and technological innovation. Inspired by natural, classical and contemporary styles, we offer a wide selection of Italian designer lighting to suit all requirements and purposes.

The needs and satisfaction of our discriminating customers are our priority, from private individuals seeking one or just a few lighting features for home or garden, and gifts to give, to private sector, corporate, charitable and commercial companies seeking practical, functional, stylistic designer lighting for public areas and work settings.

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And with many of our stylish, elegant and durable designer lighting products using the latest technology, then people in Dundee, can now create magnificent grand or simple lighting displays… all from the comfort of their own home. The Great Italian Lighting

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