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Mr Magoo LED Italian Pendant Lighting

Mr Magoo LED – Italian pendant lighting at its most stunning, both in shape and brilliance

A day in the life of one Quincy Magoo, (a very short sighted, cigar smoking, accident prone, cartoon character of the 1950s, stubborn too as he refused to wear glasses). He’d stroll into women’s showers thinking a sprinkler was misting his glasses. He’d complain about pot holes on the road… unaware he was in a minefield, bombs going off everywhere. But this was before Political Correctness and his antics were shrugged off with the catchphrase,

“Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again!”

And with the Mr Magoo LED pendant lighting, so too have we; again we offer unique energy saving Italian pendant light fixture for contemporary spaces. Reminiscent of Mr Magoo’s smoke ring, these are chic, trendy, and innovative; Italian pendant lighting at their most stunning, both in shape and brilliance. Fantastic Mr Magoo is especially suitable for living rooms, kitchens, corridors and workstations, and even at showrooms or shopping centres.

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