How To Use Wire Lighting To Create The Right Ambience In Your Home

High quality, versatile and available in a plethora of stunning designs, wire lighting system adapts to its environment, whether through rotational rays, spotlights or spreading warm even light beams to complement any space.

From hallways and bedrooms to home offices and communal areas, wire lighting fixtures can craft the atmosphere of a room – but how do you choose the right fixtures for different spaces in your home?

How can your wire lighting solutions reflect the right mood?

Since we value high quality, Italian designer lighting, we know a thing or two about finding the perfect lighting companion to your home’s interior design. Here is a range of the crème de la crème of our wire lighting and how to use these products to create the right ambience in your home.

Choose Unique But Ergonomic For Home Offices

It’s easy for your home office to slip into a messy state or an afterthought in your interior design plan, that’s why lighting is so important to the journey of a room and how it is perceived. Oh! C30 280 echoes the tranquillity of an evening moon for a calm working space, while its spherical design adds a natural, unusual shape for your lighting solution needs.

Wire Lighting System OH! C 30 Blog Article Modelight Quality Designer Lighting

Relish Rustic Styles For Communal Spaces

From renovated barns that act as large dining or entertainment areas, to kitchens where you eat a home cooked dinner with your family, rustic styles in communal spaces create cosy, comfortable vibes. Invoke the charm of a bygone era with the bare bulb and copper coloured parallel cables in the Vega-C30-3.

Wire Lighting System VEGA C 30 Blog Article Modelight Quality Designer Lighting

Think Grand and Geometric For Large Rooms

Large, high-ceilinged rooms often require the mood of majesty to make the most of their space, so what better way to do this than through grand and geometric wire lighting? A popular lighting solution for large open spaces, Trix-C30-1 LED’s clean edges frame ornate ceiling work and art while diffusing symmetrical beams from wall to wall.

Wire Lighting System TRIX C30 1 Blog Article Modelight Quality Designer Lighting

Uncover Ultra-Modern For Hallways

An ultra modern high wire lighting system perfectly suits contemporary interior design and works well to create mood lighting in long hallways. Self-C15 RJ LED is an example of a wire light that fits this criteria, with a simple, no fuss design that’s high quality and includes directional lighting.

Wire Lighting System SELF C 15 RJ Blog Article Modelight Quality Designer Lighting

Dare For Delicate In Bedrooms

If you don’t want a harsh glare in your bedroom, or lights that over-state their presence, foster a calming atmosphere for a better night’s kip with Tek-C 1. This wire fixture will satisfy your need for tranquil beams and petite fixtures in your boudoir, while creating gorgeous mood lighting.

Wire Lighting System TEK C 1 Blog Article Modelight Quality Designer Lighting

Create Cylindrical Heights For Bathrooms – Baton

Add height and drama to your bathroom with a wire light fixture that acts as a piece of art. Baton appears like cylinders of falling snow, creating an elegant ambiance that elongates this space while invoking sophistication and daring design.

Wire Lighting System Baton Blog Article Modelight Quality Designer Lighting

Be Bold And Bare All In Living Rooms

Whether you enjoy the authenticity of industrial design or you’re a fan of minimalism, bold and bare can function well in the living room to place emphasis on features in the communal area. Oh!-C LED offers naked bulbs and lashings of cool white light, ideal for clarity in living spaces.

Wire Lighting System OH! C LED Blog Article Modelight Quality Designer Lighting

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