LED Pendant Lights – Stylish Light Fittings for Contemporary Homes

LED pendant lights Inspirational interior design

LED pendant lights represent one of the newest additions to the designer lighting range. They are crafted from materials that are able to successfully conduct heat, light and at the same time create a pleasant atmosphere for the whole area. Light fittings of these kind are mostly used in living rooms for illuminating various furniture and objects (e.g. table, drawers, etc.) as well as amazing lighting effects. These appliances follow the latest trends in terms of design, with most of them following a circle form and presenting smooth flowing lines. LED pendant lights crafted by design houses also stand as an innovation in terms of energy consumption. Most appliances in this range utilising by up to 80% less power when compared to regular pendant lights. Moreover, the light distributed by these products are able to cover a large area even they have relatively small dimensions. This happens due to LED diodes present in every lamp, whose technology is based on multiple illumination points. As a result, these lighting fixtures can provide up to 6 times the lighting power of regular pendant appliances.

LED Pendant Lights CIRCLE WAVE

CIRCLE WAVE LED pendant lights designed to fit today’s lifestyle

CIRCLE WAVE is a contemporary lamp designed specifically for leisure or event activities that take place in the living room. Being manufactured by MA&DE, an Italian design house, CIRCLE WAVE manages to impress both through its unusual UFO-like form as well as illumination capabilities. The lighting source of this appliance comes from 36W LED or 48W LED, with double emission being split in 3 different zones. The appearance of each lighting zone is warm white, hence contributing to a deep relaxation of the eyes as well as comfort for various activities. The surface of CIRCLE WAVE is crafted of high-quality white painted aluminium [wrinkle effect] that gives a special appearance. PMMA diffuser of satin finish has also been included to contribute to the overall spread of the light inside desired area. Moreover, each of these lights has been thoroughly tested as to withstand extensive use over a period of many years.

LED pendant lights Some things to consider

One of the last things people need to take into consideration when it comes to lighting fixtures of this kind is related to their placing. Everything depends on the vision but such amazing LED lights are usually placed in the middle of the room, being able to create appropriate conditions for a wide range of activities. However, you can also choose to place them at the side of the room, hence highlighting various furniture and related items. For instance, a small table containing valuable family memories can be easily placed in the spotlight with the aid of LED pendant lights in the CIRCLE WAVE range.