Casa Batlló and the Circle Wave

Mid Week Dream: Escaping Your Reality

Do you sometimes wish that you could escape your reality?

I do.

After the long hours of work seep into the ashen skies of dusk, and a chill wind batters hailstones on my rooftops, I long to voyage to cities that have been gifted solar rays, cities that burst with light and colour.

And though my humble abode is still my haven, and the land in which I live is a pleasant place, I can’t help when my fantasy of escape takes the reins of my mind in the darkened hours of evening, longing for luminous landscapes and gleaming streets.

It is in these hours that I ride the wave of travel; I find a magic carpet in a mid week dream.

Mid Week Dream: Casa Batlló and the Circle Wave LED Italian Lighting Picture 1
CIRCLE WAVE LED Italian Lighting

Defying the dreary rain that patters against my window pane in reality, my mid week dreams have taken me to these sunny plains, plucking me from beneath my sheets to voyage through exotic lands laden with ripe, glistening vineyards, towers that pierce the sky, and streets boasting aromatic spices and colourful fish. This time I have found myself in Barcelona, beneath a ferocious sun and a sweet wind that licks my forehead. Though I have never been here before, the city seems familiar to me, like a lover I have not glimpsed in years or a child that I used to cradle. The architecture is striking, with curvaceous domes and thick stoic pillars that have upheld the lives of aristocracy for centuries, the memories of their legacy forever imprinted in the echo of stone.

Yet despite the myriad of marvels that my eyes drink in, it is the Casa Batlló that strikes my heart, its looming presence reeking of history and glamour and art, circles of stone and waves of balconies appearing like a shimmering mirage with contours crafted by the hands of the ocean. Circular flecks of emerald and teal interweave through glossy stained glass, with fuchsia and aqua roof tiles like the scales on mermaid tails. In this place, How, I wonder, could I achieve this aesthetic in my own life? The bright circle waves of Casa Batlló that instils the charm and fascination of times gone by?

Resurfacing from the fantasy of my mid week dream, the poised splendour of Casa Batlló glinting in my mind’s eye, I examine my surroundings, the familiarity of my bedroom and the grand home I have built in this city. I realise that I deserve to relish the fantastical in my reality, without the need for slumber. To savour the cultural light and decadent history of Casa Batlló, honour your home with the Circle Wave, an Italian lighting that transports your walls into the gleaming streets of Barcelona and one step closer to the home of your dreams.

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