Finding My Wings

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly?

Mid Week Dream: A story about finding my wings.

I have lived in a modest house in a respectable area, in a dimly lit suburb surrounded by clipped hedges, for many years. A house that I have not felt settled in ever since I moved. Yearning for something more – for longer than I would like to admit, I have asked myself over and over:

Where can I find my wings? Where can I make my nest?

Mid Week Dream Finding My Wings LED Italianl ighting Modelight Blog Picture 1
WINGS LED Italian Lighting

The answer is found in the time between waking and sleep. Fading beneath clean sheets, I have entered a mid week dream, a reverie of open doors and luscious green lawns, the fierce glow of the sun casting yellow light over acres of land, like melting butter. And in the centre of this fantasy, nestled in my private Eden, stands a grand house, a haven of sleek stone and glistening glass, a house that far exceeds the state of my current abode.

Opening the door, the skies have become subdued with sunset, leaking fuchsia ink through cotton wool clouds, until stars appear like sparkling freckles on the cheeks of the universe. Inside, the decor boasts luxury living, with polished mahogany tables, marble fireplaces and walls that have been adorned with Matisse and Degas, each finely plucked from esteemed Parisian collections.

Yet despite each refined detail, it’s a wall of birds’ wings that has caught my attention, reeled in my curiosity through a flutter of flight. These wings ignite my refuge; marry the elements of my dream home through their graceful kinetic finesse and contemporary rays. I have been transported onto the back of an eagle, surfing the glimmer of the sun. I have caught myself dancing on the wings of an air plane. The luxury luminosity of these lights warm Italian leather sofas and usher the bloom of lilies perched in vases.

And as silly as it sounds to have been moved by a set of wall lights, stranger things have happened in my mid week dreams. These lights feel symbolic – the enchanting elegance of fiery flight and whimsical wings have made me feel like I could fly away from my current home and craft a new one that reflected everything that my dream had so fantastically encompassed. Not just a splendid house, but also a nest where I can find peace in beautiful things, in contemporary extravagance, a place where I could rest my sparkling new wings.

Awaking from this mid week dream, I have since had the power to take flight from this dull house and transform my living. For a parlour lit by the coo of fledglings and the radiance of metamorphoses, find your own WINGS and take one step closer to the home of your dreams.