Relish The Rays of Tablet

Mid Week Dream: Meeting Cezanne And His Tablet

Imagine yourself living in a different time – what century would you choose?

I have always had a fascination with the art world, envisaging myself in another life, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Dali or Picasso, smoking huge cigars and supping bourbon in bohemian Parisian bars.

Perhaps this romanticism comes from my love for Cubism, the geometric prowess that engulfs architecture and literature and bends it into an artistic beast, free from the clutch of reality yet flirting with the tangible world.

I mean, who hasn’t imagined their lives dripping with glamour and luxury and artistic pursuit?

And though I am content with the life and the home that I have built, having nurtured a successful career and crafted a respectable house peppered with fine art work, I find myself preoccupied with the workings of the greatest creative minds. This fancy takes flight in the wee hours, once I have fallen into a deep slumber, conjuring fantastical images and flicks of paint through the prism of my mid week dreams.

Tonight, I have entered a fine establishment, with gold leaf ceilings, polished mahogany, and the haze of tobacco smoke that lingers over dry martinis. In the corner of the room I glimpse Paul Cezanne, his full, gruff beard grazing his tweed jacket as he boasts excitedly to his peers of a new creative invention.

“I have experimented with the bending of light, the marriage of fine art, design and innovation.”

Cezanne, famous for having influenced early Cubism through his penchant for the subjectivity of point of view, has always toyed with the rules of perspective, relishing geometric angles and layers of colour planes. Those in his company gasp at this news, having thought naively that they could never be surprised by the extent of his genius. Cezanne goes on to describe his invention in more detail:

“I call it the Tablet. It is a sleek, perfect rectangle, that tilts on its axis to form varying perspectives of light, diffusing effervescent beams with a precision that rivals the glimmer of the stars”.

Mid Week Dream Meeting Cezanne And His Tablet LED Italian Lighting Modelight Blog Picture 1
TABLED LED Italian Lighting

It is in this mid week dream that I have plucked up the courage to face Cezanne himself, marvelled at results of my eavesdropping and reeled in by the magnificence of Tablet. I ask him, “Why did you choose to create this light? What made you stray from your painting?”

He replies with a sly smile, “I wanted to imbibe my surroundings with my art through the dance of light beams, to create an installation that had both practical purpose and subjective, artistic value”.

These words ring in my ears as I’m awoken to the sound of my alarm, the gentle sway and sparkling rays of his light invention flickering behind my eyelids. Taking influence from my mid week dream and the words of Cezanne, relish the rays of Tablet LED Italian lighting in this century and take one step closer to the home of your dreams.