A Futuristic LED Lighting Makeover

Mid Week Dream: My Sci-Fi Journey With Entourage LED

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Have you ever wondered what the world will look like a hundred years from now?

Ever since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with sci-fi, reading comics lit by torch light under my bed covers, imagining the buzz of flying car engines or the bark of a robot dog.

Fast-forward to 2018 and it seems like automated technology and artificial intelligence are becoming the norm, whether in the form of Amazon’s Alexa or those robots that’ll do your washing up. For me the fascination of these unknown and emerging technological realms conjure images of swooping space ship battles, teleportation and high-end brands that offer sleek, metal products programmed to serve humanity, born out of intellectual advancement and a penchant of smooth silver surfaces.

I sometimes envisage my home with a futuristic LED lighting makeover; clad in tech that teases beauty from science, and science from ancient things

Slipping between the dimensions of consciousness I free-fall through a mid week dream, a place where my sci-fi mania can run wild, my eyelids fluttering shut on the reality of the present. Stars like a cheering crowd clap light as I soar through the ebony bosom of the universe, gazing upon earth glistening like a spinning marble. An entourage of experience follows me everywhere I go, I am history and future coinciding, I hold the wisdom of the planets in my palm, shooting from the rusty rings of Saturn to the cosmic chill of Pluto.

Until suddenly, I plop beneath the clouds and enter my own land, savouring a bird’s eye view of the Great Wall of China and the golden peaks of the Pyramids, converted from stone into cosmological metals. From Africa to Asia to Europe, the loom of silver cities casts a glittering mirage that lasts miles, before I settle upon the curvaceous dome of the Florence cathedral, its darkened, textured skin a result of sci-fi transformation, marrying primitive human architecture with revolutionary, visionary purpose. Admiring this craft of centuries, from the delicate design of Arnolfo di Cambio in 1296, to the polished, glimmering surface of the far flung future that I inhabit in this mid week dream, I perch upon its concave splendour and imagine a changing world.

Evaporating from the domed seat in which I had found a homely consolation, my eyelids stir to reveal familiar surroundings. The sophisticated interior design of my present day house seeps into my vision, and though lovely, it is far from the sci-fi panache of my reverie. But what if my reality could incorporate the futuristic imaginings of these mid week dreams? Could I transform my home to reflect the adventures of my mind? Casting a creative hand over my haven, I find my sci-fi solace in Entourage LED Italian pendant lighting, completing my mid week dream journey and taking one step closer to the home of my dreams.

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