NEXT LED Italian Recessed Lights

Intriguing criss-crossing lines of light cut into the shade

Italian recessed lights NEXT LED from Modelight Quality Designer Lighting Blog

The word “rune” derives from Old Norse and means a letter, text, or inscription. In Anglo-Saxon it means “secret” or “mystery”, and to this day runes remain an enigma to many. Each rune or letter has a meaning and some are expert in “reading the runs!”

In our “Next” product range we see an inscription, a letter similar to the rune letter G or “Gift” which stands for the Gift of harmonious relationships, unity with ourselves and with each other and will things in nature.

NEXT LED Italian recessed lights, with runic style criss-crossing lines of light cut into the shade, are ideal for creative people especially if they are interested in the esoteric arts. Your choice from this fresh, innovative, clean-cut LED lights can be made from a range which includes also pendant, wall and ceiling light fittings.

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