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OPTI-LINE Dimmable LED Pendant Lighting

Ideal Light Fixture For Hovering Over a Perfect Toy or Table

A boy’s first racing track toy is often a simple circuit for two cars which whizz round guided by the young intrepid driver and his remote control. But little does he know at that age that racetracks have their origins in ancient Grecian and Roman civilisations but of course designed not for the latest motor racing car but for horse and chariot racing. At most the spectators will be himself and perhaps a friend, maybe dad! Could he ever imagine that the famous stadium of the Circus Maximus in ancient Rome was so vast it could hold 200,000 spectators?

OPTI-LINE dimmable LED pendant lighting is an amazing, energy saving,  Italian light fixture with a rather snazzy and stylish design, reminiscent of that little boy’s racing track. It comes in either a distinguished white coated or polished aluminium frame. The lighting is provided by 47W topLED source, ideal for hovering over a perfect toy or table.

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