QUALITY lighting vs CHEAP lighting – How to light up your home & business

Quality lighting and cheap lighting have been used extensively in home and business interior and exterior illumination ever since the beginning of 20th century. Hopefully this Venn diagram infographic will help you discover differences and choose how to light up your home and business in the future.
How to light up your home and business - QUALITY lighting vs CHEAP lighting

Cheap appliances are available almost everywhere, from regular supermarkets to dedicated illumination stores. Quality appliances, on the other hand, are available only in few select stores due to their higher price and newer availability. Each of these lighting fixtures has their own benefits: cheap lighting fixtures work well basically anywhere if installed properly. They also have a lower initial cost thanks to the cheaper materials from which they are crafted and are designed for basically everyone. However, on the long-term they are not truly up to par with quality lighting fixtures. This last category contains products which are designed for energy savings and follow the latest trends in the industry. Some of them definitely do not belong to the “affordable” category since they are designed for a more exclusive audience and smarter lifestyle.

QUALITY lighting vs CHEAP lighting – a basic comparison

Lighting fixtures designed for home and business use are split into two categories: cheap value-based lamps and quality designer-made lamps. Each of them comes with its own set of pros and cons. Cheap lighting appliances are mostly created for short-term use, hence providing a good value for someone who does not want to spend a lot of money and is satisfied with an average energy consumption. Some fixtures in this range are even deemed to be stylish by experts, even if they belong in the lower price category. Depending on their size and focalization point, the area covered can be larger or smaller. Then there are also quality lighting appliances. These are usually environmentally friendly, designed to comply with the latest standards, international requirements and are only constructed with quality materials, hence the reason why they can last longer than regular, cheap lighting appliances. Energy savings differ from one model to another, but quality lights which are equipped with LED technology can lead to some serious savings on the long-term. Style is also generally better thanks to the more laborious design process and also better materials. The disadvantage of quality lighting fixtures is their higher initial cost.

QUALITY lighting vs CHEAP lighting – conclusion

Customers looking for interior or exterior lighting fixtures are presented with the option of either opting for cheap appliances or more expensive, quality-made ones. This choice relates to everyone’s preference and it depends on the initial budget that one has available as well as the overall design of the home or business. Modern or contemporary homes and businesses with original architecture may be better off opting for quality designer lighting, since they highlight overall construction and provide a sense of style. However, those who did not upgrade their homes or businesses recently or do not have a large budget to invest in quality designer lighting in one go, may be better off opting for cheap lighting while saving for some quality-made ones later on. Not everyone can afford quality lighting fixtures, hence the reason why final choice needs to be well-documented. Check out the Venn diagram infographic.