Like Ripples on the pond – The Circle Wave designer lighting

Refined, contemporary LED designer lighting

Italian Designer Lighting Circle Wave from Modelight Quality designer Lighting

Soaking in the natural thermal spas of the world, playing a game of hide and seek, or light and shadow boxing, or dancing to the ebb and flow of waves, no wonder we sing of a wonderful world. The mystery of bright stellar shapes, contrasted by the dark night sky or the geometry and pure mathematics of points and lines and curves and surfaces, could we ask for better?

The Circle Wave amazing designer lighting may just remind us how beautiful and intriguing our world is; it has all the power to remind us how natural yet enigmatic life is. Outstanding, eco-friendly pendant lighting, like ripples on the pond, in its simplicity, radiates their circle waves outwards and around, casting a warm, white, soft yet powerful LED glow.

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