“Say what you see” What’s your catchphrase?

Catch phrases catch on – make messages memorable

Modern Pendant Lighting at Modelight MR MAGOOCatch phrases originate from movies, TV shows and advertising. Even weather forecasters sign off with them. Short, attention-getting messages provoke curiosity, promote a product or a cause and imprint a memory in the psyches of our family, friends and clients. Quality designer pendant lighting does the same.

Modern Pendant Lighting. Fire your curiosity and imagination; arouse your visitors’ and guests’ curiosity. Create a memorable moment of simplicity, grace and elegance. Innovative energy-saving, modern pendant lighting creates the perfect ambience, highlights shapes and the beauty of specialist features. With as many or as few lamps as needed, at the same or differing heights, light up the smallest or widest of areas.

Mr Magoo – life is pure adventure

The cartoon character, the near-sighted, accident-prone Mr Quincy Magoo, always managed to bumble his way from adventure to good fortune and was often seen afterwards greatly savouring a simple cigar moment wafting smoke rings into the air, his parting catchphrase always “Magoo, you’ve done it again.”

In ancient times, white rings of smoke suspended in mid-air, were used by many cultures as communication signals, their own unique “catchphrases.”

1.Native Americans would create smoke signals to gather their tribe to a common area

2.In Rome, the College of Cardinals use a circle of white smoke to announce the election of  a new Pope

3.The Ancient Chinese could send a message 700 miles along the great wall, usually to warn of imminent danger.

Today, Mr Magoo, a modern energy saving pendant light, does it again. And so can you – create your own distinctive style – be it

• a warm welcome where people gather
• a contemporary feel of style and difference
• a generous feeling of fortune and well-being
• in your lounge, kitchen, hallway, or reception area