ZIG ZAG Italian Pendant Lighting

Zig Zag – Igniting the sense of adventure and freedom.

Imagine 717 miles (1,154 km) of road, where you mostly drive under 20 miles (30 kilometres) an hour, a road which tests your vehicle and your stamina to their utmost. This is Burma Road, its narrow zig-zag design with sharply winding and dangerous, steep ascents. Built in World War II to transport supplies between Myanmar (Burma) and China the road abounds in abrupt alternate left and right turns, with wheels at times hanging above the precipices. But the scenery a w e s o m e.

Our Zig Zag Italian pendant lighting is equally awesome and spell-binding, with the excitement and thrill of hair-pin bends and the glamour and charm of a late-night Alpine ski resort, but none of the danger.

Offering a range of casing colour in the pendant units, all available in anodised aluminium, black or white coated metal, this Italian pendant lighting will ignite the sense of adventure and freedom of any intrepid traveller.

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