Tablet as an Android, iOS or LED?

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These days we often think of a Tablet as an android or iOS device.

So let us introduce you today to our Tablet LED a designer wall lighting product of smooth, graceful, multi-functional and fine design by renowned contemporary designer Mirco Crossato.

Offering variety, reliability and flexibility.

Each Tablet LED offers you generous flexibility as to where you direct its beam. So day on day, week on week, according to your preferences, you can keep changing and make your light variable to suit any purpose, ambience, or mood.

Each Tablet LED wall lamp is made of brass, white coated aluminium and satin PMMA  (polymethyl methacrylate,) tested for immersion and resistance to control its durability and responses to the stresses it may endure and so, as always with the MA&DE brand, ensures a high quality first rate product.

Indeed, this is where quality, excellence and technology come together.

Whichever Tablet LED product you choose, and as you can see from our range here, you will find it easy to mount on the wall; the luminous LED emission can be evenly distributed in any direction of your choice or directed to particular spots, thus affording you endless possibilities for lighting design using the versatility of the 350° light beam.