The circular dance of Hula Hoop – Italian ceiling lights

Imagine the wonderment of a child seeing their first total eclipse of the sun and moon, or espying the movement of the planets in the night sky, appearing to superimpose one over the other; one’s light and space gracefully giving way to the other, in colourful shades of dark and light.

Hula Hoop Italian ceiling lights are equally mesmerising and versatile form of lighting display, whether on their own or arranged with others. This collection is guaranteed to brighten any room and draw the attention of the keenest galaxy gazer. With their round, white, metal frame, white glass and acrylic glass shades (red, orange, chrome or blue, yellow, chrome) they are waiting for you to create your own stellar display, rotating the shades in different formations as the mood takes you.

Feel the magic through your screen.

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