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As Seen On MTV OH! AQUA Floating LED Pool Lights

Summer beckons and with it evenings in the garden, lingering over a drink with friends after a barbecue or relaxing with a book following a day in the office.

As the sun goes down, good, creative lighting is essential to make the most of those mild summer nights, whether you plan to relax or to party.

On the water – Floating LED Pool Lights

Decorative ponds, water features or swimming pools can also be lit, adding to the quality of your space and giving it an individual touch. Modelight’s OH! AQUA LED pool lights are part of the OH! spherical range and these globes of light can bob individually, in a group, or be arranged and fixed to add atmospheric light to expanses of water, indoors or outdoors.

The lights reflect the water and are perfectly safe for swimming alongside. A remote controller allows you to sit back and admire the view while having the ability to change the colours dancing before you, according to the mood you are trying to create. They are truly hypnotic and will be the centre piece of your pool, bound to get your guests talking.

Famously floating – The new star of the show!

Such is the unique quality of the OH! AQUA floating LED pool lights, that they have been chosen to be featured on MTV’s reality show, Geordie Shore.

It’s very likely that these floating LED pool lights will grace the pools of many of the UK’s celebrities before the summer is out and, based on the weather so far, it could be a warm one – we may all be making more use of our outdoor space than usual!

Completing the scene

Of course, if you choose to set the Modelight OH! Aqua LED pool lights to float on the water in your garden or indoor pool, you may want to explore the rest of the range to ensure that they are complemented and mirrored throughout the design of your space. Sun or moonlike, the lighted globes will certainly catch the eye and remain a focal point for you and anyone else who visits this summer.

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