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The very best in Italian designer lighting
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DIPHY S Code: 8166
In stock
£ 571.00
  • ♦ DIPHY S LED Ceiling Light - topLED

    ♦ Delicate leaves float through the still air, casting a beautiful, ethereal light onto the scene below. Each leaf is almost transparent, and the brightness of the light that is shining through it is diffused and softened by the minute and intricate patterns that reach out across its surface. As a pendant and ceiling light, Diphy casts enough light to illuminate an entire room. As a free-standing lamp it focuses light from a single, white leaf suspended from the end of a sleek, curved stem. With a deceptively delicate appearance, Diphy pendant, ceiling and free-standing lamps glide effortlessly above you, bringing an air of calm and serenity to any room in your home.

    ♦ FREE UK delivery

    ♦ Brand: MA&DE
  • ♦ DIPHY S LED Ceiling Light - topLED

    ♦ Materials: coated aluminium; PMMA diffuser - laser engravings

    ♦ Light source: topLED 21W 220-240V 3000K 2938lm (included)
    ♦ Dimensions: 536x305mm

    ♦ Light source: topLED 40W 220-240V 3000K 5794lm (included)
    ♦ Dimensions: 756x520mm

    ♦ Dimmable: phase-cut dimmer for LEDs available - code: KIT0026

    ♦ IP rating: IP20