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LIGHT GAME S Code: 7747
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  • ♦ LIGHT GAME S LED Ceiling Light - topLED 34W

    ♦ Suspended from an asymmetrical axis, Light Game does what its name suggests, playing with light through expertly designed compositions, throwing silky beams that wrap and rotate. Designed by Oriano Favaretto, this product is available in several sizes, as a dynamic and ergonomically advanced lighting creation.

    ♦ FREE UK delivery

    ♦ Brand: MA&DE
  • ♦ LIGHT GAME S LED Ceiling Light - topLED 34W

    ♦ Materials: white coated alluminium; polymethylmethacrylate

    ♦ Light source: topLED 34W 220-240V 3000K 4065Im (included)

    ♦ Dimensions: Ø499mm

    ♦ IP rating: IP40