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  • ♦ ROMA Floor Lamps

    ♦ The early Romans were a practical and utilitarian people, given to erecting grand edifices and colossi, and needed their various structures to be economical. And so it was they erected beauteous buildings with large blocks of stone, with arches for support, which some say is perhaps the greatest invention ever made in architecture. These days, mostly as ruins, they have become grand tourist attractions.

    ♦ And an attraction based on this Roman theme is what our Roma LED floor lamps are about; distinguished, architecturally perfect, arranged singly or together, close kit or slightly apart, these Roma floor lamps are aesthetically pleasing LED lighting pots which offer an impressive and majestic indoor or outdoor display on their own. But fill them with plants and flowers or objet d’art and they transport you to a whole new dimension.

    ♦ Brand: Linea Light
  • ♦ ROMA Floor Lamps

    ♦ Materials: linear polyethylene - white or grey

    ♦ Light source: 1 W LED Single Chip 240V 350mA Natural 4000K 100lm

    ♦ IP rating: IP44

    ♦ Bulb included

    ♦ FREE UK delivery
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