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Illuminating, Highlighting, Promoting Your Uniqueness
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  • ♦ FRACTA Pendant Lighting

    ♦ There’s much talk these days of fracking, in some ways an unfortunate word as it lends the impression of fractures and broken pieces. Environmental fracking is the precision process of drilling straight down into the earth then aiming a high-pressure line of water mixture at shale rocks to fracture them to release the gas inside. Fracking the process, fracture the result. Arguments flow for good and bad.

    ♦ With our Fracta pendant lighting, there is only beauty, based on the concepts of fractal art developed in the mid-1980s. Today, precision computer generated pieces of geometric shapes playfully dance around a glass diffuser, creating astonishing designs, wooing our senses both emotionally and visually, and projecting unique reflections of light on their surrounding walls and ceilings. Fractal the process, Fracta phenomenal pendant lighting the result.
  • ♦ FRACTA Pendant Lighting

    ♦ Materials: white coated metal - mat; sandblasted glass diffuser

    ♦ Light source: 1 x E27 (not included)

    ♦ FREE UK delivery

    ♦ Brand: Linea Light