A delicate leaf float through the still air, casting a beautiful, ethereal light onto the scene below. It is almost transparent, and the brightness of the light that is shining through it is diffused and softened by the minute and intricate patterns that reach out across its surface. This is the elegant and graceful Diphy P1 Italian pendant lighting that brings the beauty and simplicity of nature into any sophisticated home. It brings an air of calm and serenity to any room.

Light source: LED
Power: topLED 40W, 220-240V
Characteristics: 3000K, 5239lm, CRI 90
Material: Aluminium, Iron (white), PMMA (transparent / laser engravings)
Dimensions: 756 x 554 mm, H Max 2200 mm
IP rating: IP20
Dimmable: DALI (dimmer not included)
Double light emission
Installation: Ceiling
Brand: Linea Light
Made in Italy

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